Clearly, we are in a time of great confusion and, as is often the case, fear and anxiety can easily become our close companions.  And as we all know from our personal experience, these and other negative emotions take us away from the present moment and contribute to the loss of our balance and also our sense of discernment, clarity and perspective.

So as you continue reading we invite you to take a few slow, deep breaths, focus your attention in your heart and come back into greater balance.  You might even want to reach up and place the fingers of your left or right hand on your heart and for a few moments let your breath and this focus on your heart help you regain greater clarity and perspective.

Balance also allows us to experience a greater sense of peace and stability.  It helps us remember that while we may not always be able to control the events going on in the White House or the Houses of Congress or in the world around us nor control the things that other people do or say, we do have the ability to control how we react to these things and to what happens in that home which is within us and is our own personal domain.

So for these few moments, we invite you to turn away from all of the noise and tumult of the world and the opinions of others that may be adding to your confusion.  Instead we invite you to remember that as each of us cares for our own inner environment we best support the environment of the world as well. 

And among the first and most important things each of us can do to experience this power is to change our thoughts from those that may be contributing to fear and anxiety to those that uplift us – love, peace, gratitude, joy, and compassion are just some examples. 

So as you continue reading we invite you to experiment with this practice.  With your finger tips on your heart call up and hold the feeling of love or peace or joy.  Love for your partner, for your child, for the members of your extended family or for a good friend.  The joy a four-legged or a winged friend brings you. The peace you feel when sunlight streams in your window and touches your face or when you call to mind the image of a favorite place.  Just breathe, keep touching your heart, holding your focus as constant as you can and allow that feeling of love or joy or peace to fill you.

As Lester Levenson, the Founder of the Sedona Institute often used to say, “Hold in your mind what you want and only what you want and that is what you will get.”   Author Somerset Maugham put it this way,   “If you only expect the best, you are very likely to get it.”

So that’s our invitation to you.  Remember the remarkable power that you possess.  Remember that each moment offers you a very important opportunity. You can focus outside of yourself on the noise and the tumult or you can focus on shifting your attention to a thought that is more empowering, inspiring and uplifting.  You can remember that when you change your thoughts you not only change your experience, but you contribute significantly to your own well-being and to that of those around us.

Five Additional Suggestions To Support You In Maintaining Greater Balance In These Troubled Times. 

And yes, they are things we all know.  But unfortunately they are also things a great number of us often forget.   So as you read and practice them we encourage you to keep taking slow, deep breaths, keep that focus on your heart and let your own experience lead you closer to the wisdom that lies in your heart.

  1.  Gratitude – Start and end each day with a few moments of gratitude for the people in your life, for your environment, the food, air and water that sustains you, for the skills and talents you possess, for the gift of the body that serves as your home even if it is not always as comfortable as you’d like it to be, for resources at your disposal, and even for the challenges that you face that allow you to become better at being human.
  • Compassion – Stop periodically during the day and allow the images of people who are present in your life and those from your past to come naturally to mind.  As they do bless them, even those whom you believe may have hurt you or those you have hurt.  And surround each of these people with the light of your compassion.  For they, like you, are really doing their best to make this journey through their lives, no matter how awkward or clumsy their efforts or yours may appear to you.  Also know that none of us will ever truly what burdens others may be carrying or what lessons they are here to learn.
  • Trust & Surrender – Whenever you come to a moment whether in relationship with another or when facing a problem or challenge, stop struggling, ask for guidance and then surrender in trust and wait for that guidance before proceeding.  Another way to ask for a direct answer that we find foolproof is to take a few deep breaths, tune into your heart, ask your question and in the first 6 seconds whatever comes up is your soul guiding you.  And the final step, once again, is to have the courage to act on answer you receive.
  • Humor – In our more balanced moments we all know that none of us are perfect, that all of us, at least some of the time, play the part of the fool.  Indeed as Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence says, “emotions make even smart people do dumb things.”  So rather than waste time judging yourself or others, you might want to try finding humor in the moment.  It’s always there, we just have to be honest enough to recognize the frailty in our own actions and those of others and be willing enough and vulnerable enough to laugh.
  • Grace – Among Albert Einstein’s many gifts to our world is this quote. “There are only two ways to live your life.  One is as if nothing is a miracle.  The other is as though everything is a miracle.”   If you, like many of us in this topsy-turvy world, have been living too long practicing first of these paths; if you have fallen victim to doubt and cynicism, you will find real value in experimenting with the second. Each time you sit down to eat, consider the extraordinary miracle that has brought that food to your plate.  Each time you do something with your body, even a simple physical gesture, consider the miraculous fact that the 50 trillion cells that compose your body have come together in harmony to make that physical action possible.   And the next time you smile or see someone else smile or laugh consider the billions of other choices you or they could have made and how much this choice matters.

So keep breathing, keep focusing on your heart, keep raising the level of your attention to higher and higher thoughts and as a result to more and more positive emotions. Keep raising your vibrational frequency to one of greater health and wholeness. 

This simple shift in focus will help you remember that you are very powerful and that you can exercise extraordinary control your inner environment.  And who knows, perhaps if we all do more of this we will also remember that it is not what some fool in the Administration does or what next bit of bad news the media delivers that makes a difference.  What makes a difference is when each of us as individual instruments in the great Orchestra of Life actually contribute to eliminating fear and confusion from the world and replacing it with harmony and greater well-being. What makes a difference is our continuing to focus on thoughts and experiences that raise our vibrational frequency, our connecting more deeply and intimately with ourselves and with each other, and in this way our having a positive impact on the world.  

With much love and many blessings,

George and Sedena

    3 replies to "Finding Greater Balance & Well-being in a Time of Confusion and Fear"

    • Lynne

      These words are just what I needed today. Thank you.

      • admin

        So glad to hear!

    • Jess Clemens

      Thank you for your thoughtful commentary on how to better handle unpredictable situations and the accompanying fearful thoughts. I enjoyed reading your perspective that we have a choice [as I infer] to not allow our fear to add to that particular energy field.. Perhaps we have a personal responsibility to contribute to a greater good. Your “practical tools” for re-centering and regaining a perspective on this “gift of life” are indeed words of wisdom.

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