Gregg Braden interviewed by George Cappannelli for the Ageless Living Wisdom Keeper Series about The New Human Story, The Power to Thrive In Times of Extremes. Download your free Keys to Ageless Living Ebook at

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    • Bill Sweet Spindrifter

      One of the problems which was unanticipated has been the belief that more knowledge about spiritual laws would benefit mankind. Social media has overdosed us all. The flood of knowledge on earth has resulted in the present confusion where many experts are figuring things out as fast-paced information comes into their awareness.
      The coronavirus has introduced confusion. The outburst of lawlessness by young adults over the police perceptions, has been undoing longstanding values of America.
      I digress: You are likely to enjoy having our Spindrift Research of prayer, intention, and attributes of human consciousness. See
      I would add, which may have a connection to the present coronavirus and police crisis, Spindrift tested negative and evil prayers as well as the good prayers. In fact, it was Spindrift that warned in the 1980s, without success, about the negative prayers of the terrorists ‘before they acted.’
      BTW, Gregg Braden strikes me as the Steve Jobs of new consciousness thinking.
      Best from,
      Bill Sweet, the blog writer for Spindrift,
      PS Be sure and see my blog about Donald Trump written in 2016:

    • Patty Berry

      Thank you for Having Gregg Braden on today. He is always an insightful and authentic speaker. I trust his work and it is great to share your and his work this way. We are indeed blessed to be able to use the technology in a life affirming way. Blessings and stay well. Patty Berry

    • Kathleen

      Please connect with Inelia Benz ( We need to come together now more than ever and all these special groups of people (including you and the Ageless Living group) can help to usher in the high frequency paradigm social structures we now need in order to live and thrive.

      Thank you for your work over the years–it has been greatly appreciated!
      In Joy/Light/Love,

    • Juels Yaklin

      This was so awesome thank you. Shared on my FB wall too. This needs to go viral and to help others see and appreciate what ya’ll do. Thank you for this

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