In this short and inspiring video Bruce Lipton talks about COVID19 offering his unique insights and suggestions to protect ourselves and reduce our risk by taking care of our health.  Bruce is a featured author in our Ageless Living Television Series now airing on a number of PBS Stations across the country.   Bruce’s 2 episode program in the series is entitled  – A Belief To Grow Old By.

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The Ageless Living Wisdom Series is a place where leading authors and experts who are part of The Ageless Living Television Series and other colleagues and wisdom keepers share some of their insights, inspirations and valuable life strategies to help all of us lead lives of greater balance and well-being. Their sharings come in the form of videos of various length that they have created, in featured interviews and in articles they have written. We sincerely hope you find this information of genuine value and would love to hear from you about it.

We also want you to know that our Ageless Living Television Series featuring 22 best-selling authors is now airing in 27 PBS markets across the country.  And encourage you to check the list below and your local PBS program guide to find the time and day of airings in your market.  And if, by chance, your local PBS station is not yet airing the series, you can call them and ask when it will start.  You’ll be very glad you did.

    2 replies to "Bruce Lipton – How to Protect Yourself Against Coronavirus"

    • Sandra McKnight

      Thank you George and Sedena for giving us Bruce Lipton’s insights. Happiness, Sandra

    • Victor La Cerva MD

      Have great respect for Bruce Lipton. I have done 8 short weekly podcasts on Coronavirus ( and hold the same perspective that this will become another “flu” we will have to deal with each season, and the true mortality is unknown until we do more testing to identify the many many people who are asymptomatic or have only mild symptoms. Once we have a true read on the base of the triangle, all those severely ill and dying at the top will be a much smaller number of those infected.

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